How to Survive On Mars

So you are planning to go to Mars and want to know how to survive? You may envision to build a Mars habitat, the environment on the planet carriages some enormous challenges to sustain life and ensure your safety.

The technology required to keep you alive on Mars is an enormous challenge.

Soon we will have a vehicle that allows us to transport people to Mars. So let’s say you have spent month on your deep space voyage, and you arrived in orbit around the red planet. Welcome to Mars.

Let us have a look at the weather conditions, the Mars temperature average at 80 degrees. Temperature swings to 280 degrees near the poles and you have to battle the bitter cold. You need a habitat that provides insulation for the cold Mars environment. Living in a pressure and temperature controlled habitat would mean that all supplies you need to bring with you.

If you to survive on the red planet, you must build some form of self-sustainability when it comes to food.

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