Good news, we’re giving away thirty brand-new books of The Pilgrims – Early America! If you love to read and you have some leisure time left–we have something for you.
Today we are excited to share that for February 2016, we’ll be giving away a value of $330 of The Pilgrims-Early America including free shipping. That’s 30 books which are a whole case just waiting to find homes! No purchase necessary.

If you’ve read one of our books – we just want to thank you? We are so grateful for you!

This giveaway is just a little way to say thanks for being a friend and reader.

Readers most likely have encountered giveaways on Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook, where the word “giveaway” is cast-off over a million times each day. Everyone from authors, aspiring artists, non-profits, brands, bloggers, social media gurus and more, are using a giveaway to boost interest.

To receive one of those free giveaways is mostly a chance of one in three thousand.

We use Amazon Giveaway and have pre-purchased thirty books and the cost to ship them to you. They are sitting and waiting for you to participate in our promotion. Amazon takes care of all the hard work of a giveaway, from setting up all of the rules to shipping the prizes directly to you. Read Amazon Giveaway Official Rules.

The Pilgrims – Giveaway book promotion – sorry US only:

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