The #1 New York Times Bestseller RED QUEEN.

The captivating episode in the Red Queen series intensifies the fight between the advancing rebel army and the blood separated domain they’ve all the tGlass Swordime known. Mare Barrow’s blood is red like ordinary folks, but her unique power to control lightning is a weapon that the royal court attempts to control. There are those with silver blood, whose superior capabilities make them strictly gods.

The crown is not sure that she is real and calls her a fake, but Mare discovers something astonishing: she is not the only individual with unique powers. She steals what she can to help her family to stay alive. Because of her powers and her blood is red, Mare is pursued by the cruel King Maven. The only chance she has is to locate others like
her and team up against the silver elite. But with Mare developing her skills, she is drifting into a deadly path and is risking to become the monster, she is trying to defeat.

Revolution surpasses romance, setting up the stage for a thrilling and action-packed surprise.



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