M.M. Bennetts

One of the things which continually boggles my mind is the amount of treasure Napoleon and the French forces looted from the countries they conquered.  This is looting on a scale not seen since, well, the Romans, if then. 

For example, when he invaded Malta in 1798, ostensibly to liberate the Maltese people from their traditional (read repressive) rulers, the Knights of St. John, within a week he had also ‘liberated’ seven million francs worth of treasures from island’s monasteries, churches and residences.  

Equally, so many valuables such as gold plate and personal jewelry had been ‘liberated’ that there was never enough time to take a full accounting. 

 A few short weeks later, when he left the island in order to ‘liberate’ Egypt from its Ottoman Turk overlords, the state treasury was emptied.  That’s right, totally emptied.  And at least half of it went into Napoleon’s own, er, purse.

In Egypt, he liberated as…

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