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From the bestselling author Greg Bolen, who wrote “Someone Like Me” comes Napoleon’s Treasure, A Historical Adventure. Bookforces offers a book giveaway as a chance to read it for free. The newly published book is already climbing the charts and we made it incredible simple to enter.

While in Paris, the American news correspondent Tom Bennett visits Napoleons tomb and runs into the nobleman Ulrich Von Berg. Bennett is stunned about his story. Bennetts curiosity himself into turmoil. He is invited to the old Admiral’s coastal manor.

A  manor with a secret, a secret that was well protected by the former owner a Frenchman and hidden for the last 200 years. Some other forces are at work and are willing to risk it all to take possession of a hidden box. A mysterious box that may reveal details about the Emperors NNapoleons Treasure_Frontapoleon Bonapart’s treasure.

A treasure that was secretly brought out of Paris after Waterloo. A treasure that was hidden in the hope, Napoleon would return one day to reclaim his throne. Bennet joins forces with the Admiral and his beautiful and charming daughter LouLou to complete the quest to find Napoleon’s long lost treasure.

What is to follow is an exciting mixture of blood-pumping adventure, intrigue, romance and cutting keenness to decipher the location of the treasure. Bennett follows the treasure, a stunning historical truth, that has outlived the men who buried it. The mystery unfolds as enticing clues are revealed

Napoleons Treasure is a story for thrill-seekers of all ages, astounding as each twist is revealed. Highly recommended for anyone who wants to be captured by a historical based, intelligent thriller. Napoleons Treasure delivers with an unexpected end, entirely unpredictable and right up amazing. A real page turner!

Please share this free book giveaway with your friends.

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