E-book sales were flat in 2015 and print book sales are up and at the same time, books are getting longer. The average number of pages of a book has increased by a quarter to 400 pages.

Sales of print books boosted by the release of Harper Lee’s newest novel and a swell of printed books in adult coloring books that nobody expected.

Harper Lee’s book was released in July and sold four times as much published books as e-books. Another big win sold mainly as print books are the “Diary of Wimpy Kid: Old School”. This year children books were high and more kids are actually reading books instead of spending all time on a screen.

While overall e-book sales have flattened out, they ae still keen for romance, crime, How To and erotica books.

Are you a reader or an author? What is your experience about it, leave us a comment at the end of this article.

Gods of Asgard by Marcus Abramsen

Gods of AsgardGods of Asgard is a magnificent reiterating of the base Mythology of the Gods, like Odin, Thor and Loki, and the Nine Realms. It starts from the Creation of the Cosmos, the World of Asgard, the Galactic Throne all the way through all Gods and Goddesses and the saga behind them. Gods of Asgard is written with a modern touch placing Asgard and the Realms into the Cosmos. If you want to learn about the ancient Gods, Asgard and their saga, this is the book for you. It cuts right through into the saga and is written straight forward. It is an excellent read for the casual reader, based on traditional patterns, written in an easily understandable form.

See also our GODS OF ASGARD booklaunch page


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