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Waiting hc cHave you ever tried to convey the concept of patient waiting to a child? Like most preschoolers, my almost five year-old daughter has a tough time with waiting. We have watched a couple of “Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood” episodes about waiting. We’ve read Waiting Is Not Easy, an Elephant & Piggie book by Mo Willems, too. And of course, we practice trying to wait patiently often. Still, however, it’s a hard concept for a kid to master!

I was ecstatic when I heard Kevin Henkes published a book entitled Waiting this year since I am always on the look-out for resources to help my daughter with the art of waiting. Once Waiting arrived (I promise I was patient while I waited for it to come!), I realized it was worth the wait!

When I entered the world of the story, which is created with watercolors and colored pencils,  I came…

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