Humans of New YorkNow a #1 New York Times Bestseller.

In the summer of 2010, photographer Brandon Stanton began an ambitious project —to single-handedly create a photographic census of New York City. The photos he took and the accompanying interviews became the blog Humans of New York. In the first three years, his audience steadily grew from a few hundred to over one million. In 2013, his book Humans of New York, based on that blog, was published and immediately catapulted to the top of the NY Times Bestseller List. It has appeared on that list for over twenty-five weeks to date. The appeal of HONY has been so great that in the course of the next year Brandon’s following increased tenfold to, now, over 12 million followers on Facebook. In the summer of 2014, the UN chose him to travel around the world on a goodwill mission that had followers meeting people from Iraq to the Ukraine to Mexico City via the photos he took.

Now, Brandon is back with the follow up to Humans of New York that his loyal followers have been waiting for: Humans of New York: Stories. Ever since Brandon began interviewing people on the streets of NY, the dialogue he’s had with them has increasingly become as in-depth, intriguing and moving as the photos themselves. Humans of New York: Stories presents a whole new group of humans, complete with stories that delve deeper and surprise with greater candor. Let Brandon Stanton and the people he’s photographed astonish you.

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Camp 4 Friends by Jack Hall

camp 4 friendsCamp 4 Friends a Butch Carson Adventure Series Volume 3

Join Butch, Bill, Brian and Joe on a summer vacation at Camp Abenaki. Four boys that meet on the first day of summer camp and in the days that follow, they become friends. Together, they will discover strength, encounter challenges, endure loss, build trust, and open their hearts. In this moving novel, author Jack Hall traces their unforgettable journey—full of tests and trials—as four boys discover the important bond that will last a lifetime. In a journey of friendship, the four friends grow closer and become an inseparable group known at camp as the 4 Friends. Jack Hall tells this story that spans the summer vacation, 4 Friends stick together as a vibrant group of characters and learn to manage the challenges we face in life. Sometimes we get that lucky and have friends forever by our side going through live. This book uses a fictive location called Camp Abenaki. The Summer Camp Abenaki is a charming place where kids can make friends for life, realize new desires and learn to be self-determining. At Abenaki, children learn the values of collaboration and teamwork – all while bounded by a majestic landscape with natural forest, lakes, mountains, and wide-open spaces that are so often missing in today’s big congested cities. At Abenaki, kids discover who they are and what drives them. Camp Abenaki is one of the finest summer camps there is located on picturesque Lake Abenaki. The camp is nestled among magnificent trees and it assures “beliefs built on timeless values.” Camp Abenaki places the highest significance in shaping new, lifelong friendships, clarifying that its campers “achieving confidence from guiding new circumstances… and arise self-assured, compassionate and well mature.” Campers approve of Camp Abenaki and stating, “Camp Abenaki forged me in who I am today, without it, I would only be one percent of that person.” Camp Abenaki offers activities for all ages, in-cluding archery, basketball, soccer, football, and art and theater options. Abenaki’s extensive waterfront means that kids can go swimming, kayaking, canoeing, waterskiing, power boat, sail, wakeboard, to their hearts’ happiness. The story of the 4 Friends is all about trusting, building and growing their friendship. Learning to work together as a team and mastering challenges together to achieve high goals. Learning that everybody has some-thing different to give that is unique and, in the end, building a bond that is as strong as the mountains, lakes and forest surrounding Camp Abenaki. A bond that will last a lifetime, and continue to grow even after the memory of the summer camp are slowly fading. Our 4 Friends are making plans for the future. And this new view of the future has become assuring through that friendship. A plan that is born out of the knowledge that together they can achieve so much. Problems of the future that they have to face are no longer daunting as our 4 Friends have learned that with friendship they can meet any challenge.


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