If you want to know some details about the book The Wright Brothers by David McCullough this book review by canadamatt is an excellent read. It gives you a nice and clean overview about the book, without being too detailed.

You can find the best seller here:

The Wright Brothers

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Four stars

McCullough offers up and wonderful, though brief, biographical piece on the Wright Brothers, whose ideas and curiosities exemplify how boundless determination can literally turn the world on its head. While McCullough has stretched the traditional definition of biography with some of his past work, another unique approach is used in creating a single narrative for both brothers. As the reader will see, McCullough is not off base in doing things from this perspective, as Wilbur and Orville Wright were alike in many ways. These similarities extend to the three themes the author presents throughout the book, depicting the brothers as Dayton inventors, Ohio innovators, and American dreamers. These distinctions, while interconnected, arise independently throughout the narrative and offers the reader a better roadmap (or should I say flight plan?) when absorbing McCullough’s work. A great piece to interest any reader curious about the dawn of flight.

Wilbur and…

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