Gold in Arizona’s Superstition Mountains – Where to find it

Gold nuggets are tough to find, but weekend warriors “prospectors” search the desert washes and some get lucky every week. Gold is not moving too far from its source unless there’s been lots of water to wash it downhill. Many prospectors are looking for these wadis at the foot of Arizona’s Superstition Mountains. Flood water… Read More


Amazon Bestseller Someone Like Me, a Psychological Thriller by Greg Bolen The FBI office in Washington D.C. holds a secret. Graham Boyce has the perfect life working as an FBI agent and being promoted to deputy director. However, when he is getting followed and realized with astonishment, that the man that follows him looks familiar,… Read More


Amazon Bestseller Into The Hurricane, a Teen Adventure by Jack Hall Jack Hall’s new series is vivid. There is nothing more exciting than reading the action packed page turner. Be prepared to stay up all night reading. Into The Hurricane is an adventure story, that takes the reader on an intense journey from the boys… Read More

Napoleons Treasure by Greg Bolen

An old Mansion on the east coast and clues on an old parchment that lead to the discovery of a Napoleonic mystery. For 200 years society wanted to know what happened with Napoleon’s Treasure after Waterloo. Should the whole trues come to light, it could rock the very foundation of France. Read More

Bestseller #1 New Release: Someone Like Me

  GREG BOLEN INVITES YOU TO TRY SOMEONE LIKE ME Someone Like Me hits #1 New Release on Amazon A Psychological Thriller by Greg Bolen The FBI office in Washington D.C. holds a secret. Graham Boyce has the perfect life working as an FBI agent and being promoted to deputy director. However, when he is… Read More

Gods of Asgard by Marcus Abramsen

MARCUS ABRAMSEN INVITES YOU TO READ MYTHOLOGY GODS OF ASGARD Interested in the movie and want to know the background of all the old gods? Learn everything about Gods of Asgard is a magnificent reiterating of the base Mythology of the Gods, like Odin, Thor and Loki, and the Nine Realms. It starts from the Creation… Read More

Camp 4 Friends by Jack Hall

Camp 4 Friends a Butch Carson Adventure Series Volume 3

Join Butch, Bill, Brian and Joe on a summer vacation at Camp Abenaki. Four boys that meet on the first day of summer camp and in the days that follow, they become friends. Read More

Duke of Wellington by Chris Pope

CHRIS POPE INVITES YOU TO JUMP INTO HISTORY Learn things that you did not know about the Duke of Wellington. The Duke of Wellington is the England’s most famous military leader and politician. From the very first moment emotions and history are brought to live.” The Duke of Wellington is a collection of historical events… Read More

10 Weird and Wonderful Words about Literature and Reading — Interesting Literature

Interesting words related to literature and reading We love to collect interesting words, especially those related to literature, reading, and other such things. Indeed, since the stuff of literature is words, we love to delve into the wonderful world of the lexical. Here are ten of the best literary words we’ve encountered recently, with a […]… Read More

The Dead Key by D.M. Pulley

2014 Winner — Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award — Grand Prize and Mystery & Thriller Fiction Winners It’s 1998, and for years the old First Bank of Cleveland has sat abandoned, perfectly preserved, its secrets only speculated on by the outside world. Twenty years before, amid strange staff disappearances and allegations of fraud, panicked investors sold… Read More

40 % OFF – The Martian & How to Survive on Mars

How to Survive On Mars So you are planning to go to Mars and want to know how to survive? You may envision to build a Mars habitat, the environment on the planet carriages some enormous challenges to sustain life and ensure your safety. The technology required to keep you alive on Mars is an… Read More

40 % off – All the Light We Cannot See

Book Deals low Prices – Special WINNER OF THE PULITZER PRIZE From the highly acclaimed, multiple award-winning Anthony Doerr, the beautiful, stunningly ambitious instant New York Times bestseller about a blind French girl and a German boy whose paths collide in occupied France as both try to survive the devastation of World War II. Marie-Laure… Read More

The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing

Book Deals low Prices – Special This #1 New York Times best-selling guide to decluttering your home from Japanese cleaning consultant Marie Kondo takes readers step-by-step through her revolutionary KonMari Method for simplifying, organizing, and storing. Despite constant efforts to declutter your home, do papers still accumulate like snowdrifts and clothes pile up like a tangled… Read More